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Not the perfect Greenie…

That’s me.

 A feisty feminista living in one of the most beautiful villages on the outskirts of the city of Cape Town. That is where this journey started, surrounded by a caring, down-to-earth community who are fiercely passionate about our environment and world.

 Greenie came about at the beginning of 2020, with friends often telling me how wonderful my (then handmade by me) food covers were. I’ve always had a creative spirit, and the more time I spent thinking about a green journey, the more I realised I had to do it. For myself, our families, our future and our world.

 My whole life I have worked in the corporate world, so the change to this was drastic. Yet unavoidably exciting!

 Everywhere you look, there’s plastic. And single-use items that get thrown away. I am so passionate about upliftment and creating a better future for our children and country, that I cannot stand the enormous amounts of unnecessary waste us humans create. Any start is a good start. We can just build on it, one zero waste option at a time.

 Where do you start? I felt so overwhelmed by the millions of options, some greener than others, some more eco-friendly, some with fake credentials; the list goes on.

 The start of this business was to find a few practical solutions to eliminate the use of single- use items in our homes; and ensuring they were created with quality and attention to detail being top of mind. Beautiful products that will last a long time, made passionately by locals creating these gems in order to support their families.

 My long-term vision is to create something that represents many voices and grow it to support many people. To love what I do and do what I love.

 I invite you to take this journey with me. We can grow to become eco warriors together, one plastic-less step at a time.

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